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Getting ISO 20000 Certified in Kansas City, Missouri (MO)

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The ISO 20000 standard provides guidelines for the best practices in IT service management (ITSM). An organization cannot get ISO 20000 certified unless it engages the services of a certification body. Certification bodies are companies that provide certificates for any organization that requests its services and complies with the guidelines against which they would like to get certified. Examples of these certification bodies include SGC, BSI, and Bureau Veritas among others.

The certification bodies have to comply with the requirements and rules of a different ISO: ISO 17021. They should also be licensed and audited by local entities that are referred to as Accreditation bodies. All countries have accreditation bodies that are responsible for auditing certification bodies and making sure that they meet the guidelines of the reference standard.

ISO 20000 Certified Kansas city mo

Stages of ISO 20000

The steps necessary for ISO 20000 certification follow the guidelines provided by ISO 17021. These include;

To certify your company against ISO 20000, you need to request a proposal. The request should state the company information; a number of individuals involved in that scope, main business lines, etc. The certification body will use this information to calculate the number of days that are required. The number of days will be used to set the price of the proposal. The certification body will then send the proposal to the company.

Once the company approves the ISO 20000 certification proposal, it goes ahead to carry out the certification audit in 2 phases;

Phase One: The audit experts prepare an audit plan that has all the issues that will be reviewed in this phase. It also identifies the people who will interview and the time and date for each activity. In this phase, the auditors will basically be reviewing the documentation that is generated by the company like the technical instructions and company procedures. It basically looks at everything that is related to the management system. The company also plans the activities and dates that will take place in phase 2. The team creates and delivers the audit report to the company that reflects the detected deviations. Therefore, stage one basically involves documentation review. It checks whether the document complies with ISO 20000 standard.

Phase Two: In the second phase, the audit team reviews all the things that have been pending in the management system and the PDCA. It also looks at the operational implementation of the ISO 20000 processes. The experts also generate an audit report that contains deviations in phases one and two. Therefore, this is the final report for the certification audit. Phase 2 is the main audit and it checks whether the processes or activities of the company comply with the documentation or standard. In other words, it checks whether the SMS works for your company.

These two audits are required during the initial certification audit. You will not need them in the recertification audits or during surveillance audit.

If the company addresses all the present deviations, the certification body gives out a Decision Evaluation report that approves it to be granted with a certificate. Your request can be rejected because of the immaturity of your system.

ISO certifications are valid for three years and time surveillance visits are carried out during this time. Therefore, the company faces further audits 2 years after the first certification.

The ISO 20000 certificate expires after three years and the company goes through a recertification audit in order to maintain its certification. IQC The ISO Pros have the best professionals to help you with the certification or recertification exercise.

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